Manson Guitar Works’ bring to light their flashy 10th anniversary models

Manson Guitar Works have unveiled their 10-year anniversary line of the MA model with 10 unique MA builds available from the Manson Guitar Works dealer network.

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Head luthier Tim Stark hand-selected, glued, and shaped the guitar bodies in-house which all started as their standard swamp MA EVO body.

Selected dealers were then able to spec their guitar how they wanted as Manson Guitar Works said, “the results show the wide, creative abilities of the Manson workshop team”.

“We wanted to celebrate our core product with some open creativity from our dealers” CEO Adrian Ashton said.

“It’s been a fantastic showcase of the work we are putting out whilst keeping our MA EVO design at the forefront of the limited run”.

Stark said it is important to reflect on the milestone while also maintaining a forward-thinking mindset for their market.

“It shows the versatility of the MA platform and I’ve enjoyed having direction from our dealer network as to what finishes and elements their customers would like to see,” he said.

Fixed specifications include the Sustainiac Sustainer system, Tune-o-Matic (T.O.M.) bridge and a twin humbucker layout.

With their free creative license, some dealers opted to add Manson custom circuits such as the Z-Vex Fuzz Factory, while others favoured wild finishes such as Purple Nebula, Night Sky Metallic or Gloss Silver Flake.

The necks include roasted woods, flame maple and a combination of ebony and rosewood fingerboards with each instrument “bespoke and unique”.

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ThorpyFX release Pulse Doppler phase shift pedal

Boutique effects pedal manufacturer ThorpyFX, who started producing pedals in 2015, releases a phase shifter with class.

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Designed by Dan Coggins of Lovetone and Dinosaural fame, this unit is analogue to the core. A new iteration of one of his past pedal designs with Lovetone (the Doppleganger), Pulse Doppler features more than just a fresh coat of paint, being easier to use and more compact.

ThorpyFX states about the pedal that “the premium sound is enhanced through the use of premium components all wrapped in a beautiful custom engineered enclosure.”

The laser etched aluminium Pulse Doppler is part phase shifter, vibrato and tremolo all in one, boasting “an almost unlimited tonal pallet no matter what your mood/style or guitar and amp setup.”

This pedal has rotary controls for Depth, Rate, Blend, Enhance, Manual (phase shift) and toggle switches for On/Off and changing the phasing effect. There are Wet and Dry outputs for stereo pedalboard aficionados and sound designers alike.

With this, Pulse Doppler can achieve resonant phasey tones whilst also able to create subtle depth to anything you throw at it.

Have a listen to some applications and a walkthrough of the pedal here.

Find out more about Pulse Doppler on ThorpyFX’s website.

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Bitwig Studio 4 announced with expression at the forefront

Bitwig, known for their integration of modular and hardware gear into the digital world, announce Studio 4, a new iteration of their namesake DAW. Introducing more ways to interact and perform, Studio 4 puts randomisation and automation at the centre of its new edition.

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In coming up to speed with their competitors, Studio 4 adds Comping to its bag of tricks. Essentially, this allows users to grab snippets of multiple recordings and combine them together to obtain a better end result. Each take is given a different colour for easy identification.

Knowing their audience, a nifty new feature, Fold to Takes, allows you to transform a whole performance into a loop, automatically creating take lanes for the specified length. 

With regards to unique features, Studio 4 adds Operators, which allows modulation of single MIDI notes via probability at set intervals responding to user defined conditions. If it’s a mouthful it’s because it is. Operators have the ability to add randomness to all aspects of your productions.

Using this feature you can create a standard house loop of 4 bars, then assign Operators to turn on and off notes at say 75%. Now when this loop plays back, each iteration will be different and unique as chance will play a factor in the outcome.

Expression Spread is Bitwig’s answer to MPE, an implementation of the ROLI line of products. It allows you to add automation to each individual note on a range of parameters including panning, velocity and tuning. Continuing with their journey into randomness, Expression Spread lets you set a range for each parameter to be modulated. Each time a loop is generated, you can visualise the changes and if you find one you like, you can save the seed value and keep that specific ‘random’ loop.

Other new expansions include improved export options to the more frequently used OPUS encoding and an ability to import save files from Ableton and FL Studio.

Bitwig Studio 4 is available for demo with an official release due late Q2/early Q3.

Read more on the Bitwig Website.

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New funding round for Sydney’s ‘Play the City’ + all the biggest industry headlines from the week

Been out of the loop with everything that’s been going on in the music industry recently? We don’t blame you. Here’s a wrap-up of all the biggest Aussie music industry news stories from the past fortnight.

The top headlines:

  • Spotify releases study detailing how people are spending their time listening on the platform and how that translates between genres and merch sales.
  • KIIS network host unveils mental health app to share your mood with friends.
  • Darwin has huge turnout for festivals, runs dry on beer.

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Takeaways From Spotify’s Fan Study

Sydney is the eighth biggest city for discovering new music, artists from the 2000’s are most likely to sell vinyl today, 53% of metal-heads follow hip hop, and merchandise hats are most popular with fans of EDM and country music (don’t ask) while London buys the most hoodies.

These are some nuggets from Spotify’s first Fan Study, put together to provide insights on how fans listen to music and connect with artists.

After a listener adds an artist’s track to their personal playlist, they’ll listen to them 41% more, look at their profile 12% more, and end up making 60% of all their merch purchases.

Lines between genres continue to blur. Aside from the metal/hip hop crossover, 77% of EDM fans listen to pop, 60% to hip hop, 56% to rock, 28% to indie, 27% to R&B, 10% to reggae and 9% to jazz. So tag new tracks with multiple genres when pitching them to playlists.

Latin America is where fans listen most to new music and new artists, with São Paulo, Santiago, and Mexico City the top three cities. Then comes LA, London, Chicago, Paris and Sydney.

Acts can have audiences in places they don’t expect. For example, over 80% of K-Pop, South African house, German techno and reggae listens happen outside of their home country.

A fan that saves your track will listen to it 3x more, and for as long as six months. So keep your campaigns for as long as that, Spotify says.

Superfans rule! The top 5 of your most ardent fans are listening 6x more than the rest. 

Update your profiles before the day of release ‘cos that’s when there’s a huge spike of traffic – up to 77% to Spotify artist profiles, 72% to album page views, 47% in search, and 42% in playlist views. But 50% of artists miss out because they tend to update after the track is out.

A new track tends to give an artist’s catalogue a 15% to 20% lift on day of release, so campaigns should include old and new music.

Read more about Fan Study here.

You Can Leave Your Hat. On

Australia has a new management company, hat. based in Perth and London. It is set up by Murray Curnow, a Brit who worked with Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys before moving here.

He managed Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, taking them on a sold out debut UK/EU and North American tours. At launch, hat. has on its roster, The Crumps as well as Dulcie, People Taking Pictures and new UK artist Lily Denning.

Deadline For BIGSOUND Showcases

Applications to showcase at BIGSOUND close on June 4 at 11:59pm.They’re held in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley Sept Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9.

Olivia Rodrigo Makes Aussie Chart History

Olivia Rodrigo made Australian chart history last week as first female artist to have first single (‘Drivers License’) and album (Sour) debut at #1 on the ARIA Chart, said Universal Music.

Last week she had four singles simultaneously in the Top 10. The last time was Taylor Swift in August 2020 with five of the critters.

More For Sydney’s ‘Play The City’

An additional 10 were announced in Round 2 of NSW’s ‘Play The City’, set up to bring people back to the Sydney CBD and provide work for independent artists and venues. $363,000 went for the ten, bringing the tally to $1.86 million.

This time around, getting the moolah on the music side were End Notes: Disco Paradiso ($15,000) to showcase funk, afrobeat, jazz and Latin bands; venue operator Music and Booze Company ($50,000) for the King Street Crawl visiting venues in Newtown; world music acts Lolo Lovina, Marsala and the Caravan Stage ($10,000) to perform in The Rocks; and Lower Bar at City Tattersalls Club ($24,000) to showcase young acts across three months.

Sounds in the Square got $50,000 for gigs in June in Darling Square; and Jarryd James ($36,800) to play at George St Cinemas in surround sound with 7.1 Dolby Atmos speakers, to create custom visuals to show on screens.

Producer Buys Into The Plutonium

Producer Aidan Hogg bought a stake in Brisbane studio The Plutonium, The Music Network reported. Hogg interned there and was its in-house engineer for four years.

It was set up in 2013 by Luke McDonald and Pete Bernoth. Tame Impala, Violent Soho, Holy Holy, Hatchie, Thelma Plum, G Flip, Eves Karydas and Hope D have used its facilities.

Radio Host Launches Mental Health Check-In App

Will McMahon, of KIIS Network’s drive show Will & Woody created mental health check-in app Share My Mood. It allows folks to communicate their mood without saying anything. 

It rates the user’s mood on a sliding scale and lets them text that to friends. McMahon who lives with depression, created it with a team at Australian Radio Network, clinical psychologist Gus Worland’s mental fitness charity Gotcha4Life and supported by its corporate partner Chemist Warehouse.

Rap Sheet

Jemz of Sydney drillers OneFour pleaded not guilty in Mt Druitt Local Court on May 27 to charges (with three others) of possessing a replica pistol following a police investigation into a 2019 shooting in Sydney’s west when an associate was dropped bleeding at a hospital.

The po-pos made their gun case based on footage they found on a seized mobile phone. Jemz, 23, born Jerome Misa, argued they had no right to seize the phone and couldn’t use anything on it as evidence. The blueys’ lawyer snarled back, “They had every bloody right!”

Meantime, triple j Unearthed Afrobeat/ house act ET Le Createur sweats it out until August 12 to find out what his sentence will be for reckless grievous bodily harm and assault.

While working as a security guard in a Sydney CBD car park he saw an inebriated chap trying to get into a car that was not his. An ensuing argument worsened as the man kept yapping into his phone – which ended, police say, when the guard gave him a whack on the head and sent him and phone to hospital.

We’re Here For The Beer

Darwin was rapt as intestate music fans rolled in over two weekends – a couple of thousand for the Carl Cox Eric Powell Mobile Disco to 7,000 at Gardens Amphitheatre and 8,000 making up the 14,000-strong crowd at BASSINTHEGRASS.

Bars and clubs did roaring businesses, hostels re-opened after 12 months, fans referred to Darwin as “Australia’s Ibiza” and tourism people trumpeted “Darwin’s reawakened!” Then reality set in – the city started to run out of beer!  Frantic calls were made, and huge trucks filled with supplies choofed up the Stuart Highway. This would never have happened in Ibiza…

Unreal Estate

A 3066-square-metre property went for sale in one of Toorak’s best streets, Hopetoun Road, for between $30 million to $33 million. Tennis court, pool, even a master bedroom with its own gym.

The estate agent tried to keep the seller’s identity a secret but it turned out to be Michael Coppel, president of Live Nation Australasia.

An impulse property buy in the Victorian alpine region by Carl Cox and promoter Richie McNeill of Hardware Group as a getaway, sold for $1.95 million. Carl is a motorbike freak and McNeill into dirt bikes. They were riding around the region in 2009 when they noticed an auction with a BBQ. They stopped for sausages but put in a bid.

Eurovision Viewing Goes South

With Australia kicked out in the first semi-final, viewing figures were down for Eurovision. Only 170,000 watched the grand final, including 123,000 who woke at 5 am to see it live. In 2019 when Kate Miller-Heidke was competing, 246,000 watched with 166,000 waking early.

Canberra Studio Free For First Nations Musos

The Australian National University’s recording studio Yil Lull is up and running – and available free to First Nations musicians. The Canberra studio is run by Torres Strait Islander musician Will Kepa. Its name comes from a 1988 track by singer songwriter Uncle Joe Geia. In 2022 it will also be mobile studio.

Executive Moves

QMusic appointed Kris Stewart as new CEO, starting June 14. He was eight years artistic director at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Sydney’s FBi Radio has a new music director (Reg Harris) and head of programming (Tanya Ali).

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