In an effort to downsize her set-up to the bare essentials, Kimbra is linking up with Reverb for a studio gear clear-out, offloading a huge array of guitars, synths, drum machines and much more.

As part of the Official Kimbra Reverb Shop, which is running live on-site now, the New Zealand indie-pop sensation is selling a number of instruments, machines and other gear used across her illustrious career, including items from her studio and stage set-up.

Some of the most notable items in the shop include an Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee Signature model and an upright bass used heavily on her Reimagined tour, as well as the autoharp heard on ‘Vanity Fair’, a number of Critter & Guitar synths and a Horst MIDI Wave Theremin, which lets users upload their own samples and perform them through the theremin’s interface.

Other items up for grabs include a Lowden acoustic, a Roland TR-505 drum machine, a TC Helicon, a signed performance microphone and much more.

Watch Kimbra chat about her gear clear-out below.

Head over to the Kimbra Reverb Shop and check out everything up for grabs today.

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