Mesa Boogie have today debuted the mighty Badlander amplifier, the latest entry into their legendary Rectifier range.

Powered by an arsenal of EL34 output tubes and available in 100w and 50w varieties as either a combo, amp head or rack, the Badlander seeks to put a modern twist on the amplifier that defined the ’90s.

The amp features two identical channels with three dynamic preamp modes – Clean, Crunch and Crush – with controls for Master Volume, Presence and Gain and a three-band EQ allowing players to extensively sculpt their raw tone.

Perhaps most enticingly, the Badlander makes use of Mesa’s CabClone Impulse Response technology, with eight virtual cabinets, a Reactive Load and Channel Specific IR assignments allowing for seamless DI recording.

An additional USB input allows you to load more Impulse Responses should you wish, while an XLR output lets you plug straight into your interface for simple recording.

Both 100w and 50w models also feature an attenuation switch to dip down to 20w for use at home, making the new series even more viable for guitarists currently working at home.

Hear how the Badlander sounds in the demonstration below.

Check out all the specs and view the range in full over at the Mesa Boogie website.

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