Audio Test Kitchen features a collection of audio samples from some of the biggest and best microphone manufacturers in the business, with the app boasting over 300 microphones from 65 brands in their library. Each audio file has been recorded under strict conditions and standardised to ensure the volume of each sample is matched precisely. 
Users can then choose microphones to compare against one another to pinpoint each model’s sonic nuances and frequency response, providing a viable platform for engineers to compare sounds without meticulously doing so in the studio. 
Version 2.0 brings a whole heap of new features to the table, liasing with the likes of Tony Maserati, Jesse Ray and Harmon International to help develop the latest update. Users can now view detailed information about each microphone’s frequency response by analysing data on the app, as well as virtually rotate each microphone and view over 200 unboxing videos to make for the complete microphone experience. 
Even better yet, Audio Test Kitchen is completely free of charge for all users, and the developers are promising to add other pieces of hardware to their app in coming months, including compressors, preamps and more. 

Find out more about Audio Test Kitchen here.