The platform has also announced that since the launch of the initiative, fans have spent over US $20m (AUD $28m) on Bandcamp Fridays, putting money directly into the pockets of the artists themselves. Bandcamp also claim that they’ve also seen a huge spike in sales activity during the pandemic, reporting earnings of US $75m (or AUD $105m) from punters looking to support independent artists while the industry is at a standstill.
In a statement shared today, Bandcamp celebrated the music community for rallying around artists in this time, saying that “It’s a good reminder that Bandcamp Fridays are really an extension of what Bandcamp is about every day. Thank you to all the artists and labels who shared their music with us, and the fans who spent their hard-earned coins to support the artists they love.”
On the last four Bandcamp Fridays, fans put more than $20 million directly into the pockets of artists and labels. We’re going to keep doing them for the rest of 2020, more details here:
— bandcamp (@Bandcamp) July 23, 2020
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