The nifty system fuses storage components and transportation for absolute ease of use, letting you stack and move all your drums safely in one trip. That’s right – one trip. Hard to believe, isn’t it?
The VELOC is constructed around an aluminum cart with magnetic rails, with each individual VELOC case being attached to the rail with magnets of their own. Each case is made with an ABS shell and is stitched with rugged fabric, and feature top and side access flaps to make your packdown just a tad more easy. There’s even cases for your hardware, cymbals and pedals, making the VELOC an absolute no-brainer for any gigging drummer.
To seal the deal, each VELOC case also comes with a GruvGear Global Recovery Tag that utilises HomingPIN technology, a GPS system which is recognised in thousands of airports around the world. It seems like a pretty serious investment for your skins (particularly when gigging is effectively postponed indefinitely), but there’s no doubt that the GruvGear VELOC is one hell of a bit of kit. 

GruvGear is distributed in Australia via CMC Music.