In what looks to be the ultimate companion to your Floorboard or Profiler Workstation, the Kone and Kabinet both offer 19 unique speaker emulations, utilising Kemper’s intuitive tone-mining technology to let you access all the classic sounds you know and love. There’ll also be a selection of coveted and rare speaker types on offer, with Kemper detailing plans to make more available online shortly. 

The Kone itself, which is the actual speaker component, is a 12″ full-range speaker designed in tandem with Celestion, which employs the DSP of the Profiler to deliver a vast frequency response. This means your tones will actually sound like they’re coming through a guitar speaker, not just any old PA, and you can even control the Sweetening and Directivity for a more refined sound. 
Kemper is distributed in Australia via Innovative Music.