The trio of bands – which all share a pretty sizable army of both haters and fans alike – have simultaneously posted a series of emojis to their Twitter accounts which would seemingly suggest an Australian tour could be inbound.
I would hyperlink these tweets, but our website crashes every time I do that. Thus, enjoy my photoshopped image of all three tweets below, and petition for a website update in the comment section so I can hyperlink you to all the juiciest of tweets and Instagram posts on the planet (if you care enough to follow the links, here’s Green Day’s, here’s Fall Out Boy’s and here’s Weezer’s tweet). 

It’s worth a reminder that Green Day are releasing a brand new record, Father Of All… this week, so they’re probably about due a visit down under. At any rate, this would be a tantalising triple threat of massive proportions, and we can’t even imagine how much this tour would pull in. Make sure to stay tuned to Mixdown for any further updates!
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