Seymour Duncan release Brad Paisley signature La Brea pickups

The Seymour Duncan La Brea pickups are voiced to provide a heaped spoonful of bright, clucky twang, but also feature a tight low end to round out the full frequency spectrum. The bridge pickup uses alnico IV rod magnets and vintage era-correct cloth push-back wire, and boasts a hot output of 7.44k, while the neck pickup features alnico II rod magnets with an output of 7.55k. 
Listen to how they sound in the video, featuring Paisley himself, below. This dude is a serious player, and even if you feel that country is the scourge of all genres, you’ve got to respect his chops. 

Head to Seymour Duncan to find out more about the La Brea pickups today.

Ernie Ball introduces eight new string sets for 2020

The new sets are expected to debut in March, and flesh out the brand’s custom string gauge offerings further than ever before. If you were stoked to see the addition of the Primo, Mammoth and Mega Slinky sets from last year, this new drop will make you a very, very happy guitar player. 

For a fit in between Regular and Hybrid Slinkys, there’s the new Turbo Slinkys (9.5, 12, 16, 26, 36, 46), which seem to be a tantalising option for funk and soul players. The Mondo Slinkys (10.5, 13.5, 17.5, 30, 42, 52), on the other hand, look set to appeal to those who aren’t keen on 11s but don’t want spaghetti strings when they drop tunings. 
If you want it THICC, the Magnum Slinkys (12, 16, 22w, 32, 44, 56) might be your cup of tea – that wound 22 gague G string would make for great tension. There’s also the Skinny Top Beefy Bottom Slinkys for you riff-dogs,, which are available in both six and seven string sets (10, 13, 17, 32, 44, 54) and (10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 52, 62).

Like it slick? Dive into the Mighty Slinkys (8.5, 11, 15, 22w, 30, 40), which provides a super-fast and finger easing tension across the fretboard. Last but not least, Ernie Ball have also offered a lighter gauge variation on their Skinny Top Beefy Bottom set with the Hyper Slinkys (8, 11, 14, 24w, 32, 42), ensuring that there truly is something for everyone. 
Head to CMC Music for more information on Ernie Ball products in Australia.

Watch: Josh Homme pisses on Hitler in new Desert Sessions music video

Directed by Chapman Baehler, the new video for the Desert Sessions track ‘Easier Said Than Done’ depicts Homme at his most surreal and bombastic best. He scoots between scenes on a pair of roller skates (probably a reference to the lyric “on roller skates carving smooth shapes past the gates/ Just boogying like a fucking boss”), and there’s also a bunch of other weird visuals, like a pig-man busting a glittery nut and even Homme taking a slash on Adolf Hitler while wearing a straightjacket. Yeah, for real.
It’s feverish and fucked up, but what else would you expect from the man? Check out the new clip below if you’re brave enough – probably just make sure you’re not in the office for this one. I copped a real weird look from the interns sitting behind me and I don’t want the same for you. 

Get acquainted with Josh Homme’s guitar rig in our Gear Rundown here.

DMAs announce third LP The Glow

Slated for release around the country via I OH YOU on Friday April 24, The Glow was recorded and mixed in conjunction with Grammy Award winning producer Stuart Price, and promises to be the Sydney trio’s most ambitious effort to date.
The band have accompanied the announcement with the release of new single ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ – a euphoric, major key stomper reminiscent of early ’90s rave culture. It’s got a hint of Underworld and New Order to it, with Tommy O’Dell flexing his vocal chops to a soulful new level atop of a surging electro pop groove. Check out the new track, along with its Bill Bleakley-directed video, below.

The past five years have seen DMAs rise to astronomic new heights, and there’s every chance that this record really could cement their place towards the top of the indie totem pole. The band are currently touring the country for Laneway Festival – get the details here. 
The Glow, the new record from DMAs, is set for release on Friday April 24 via I OH YOU.

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