Directed by Chapman Baehler, the new video for the Desert Sessions track ‘Easier Said Than Done’ depicts Homme at his most surreal and bombastic best. He scoots between scenes on a pair of roller skates (probably a reference to the lyric “on roller skates carving smooth shapes past the gates/ Just boogying like a fucking boss”), and there’s also a bunch of other weird visuals, like a pig-man busting a glittery nut and even Homme taking a slash on Adolf Hitler while wearing a straightjacket. Yeah, for real.
It’s feverish and fucked up, but what else would you expect from the man? Check out the new clip below if you’re brave enough – probably just make sure you’re not in the office for this one. I copped a real weird look from the interns sitting behind me and I don’t want the same for you. 

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