My Chemical Romance announce reunion show

The iconic emo group, who initially disbanded in 2013 to pursue other projects, have accompanied the announcement with a brand new merchandise collection on their website, sending former scene kids into an absolute meltdown in the process. Interestingly enough, they’ve also posted two captions saying “Return” and “Like Phantoms Forever…”, which definitely sound like potential MCR song titles to me. 




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Like Phantoms Forever… ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Tickets on Sale Friday 11/1/19 at 12:00 PM Pacific⠀ ⠀⠀
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There’s been plenty of hints from the band’s members regarding the future of the band in the past few years, with frontman Gerard Way stating in 2017 that “I wouldn’t count (a reunion) out, but at the same time everybody’s doing stuff in their lives now that they’re really enjoying.” He’s recently been involved in the production of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, while rhythm guitarist Frank Iero released a new album titled Barriers earlier this year.

Fuck me – what a day! Head to My Chemical Romance’s website for more updates.

Dean Guitars announce artist partnership with Kerry King

King, who until recently was a prominent B.C. Rich signature artist for many years, celebrated the partnership in a statement on Dean’s website, saying “I’m super stoked to be part of the Dean Guitars family. This has been an insane long time coming! Together we’re going to create some amazing guitars that Dean, Slayer, and Kerry King fans will be as excited as I am to play them. It’s gonna be a wild ride for years to come!”.

In addition to creating a brand new, never-seen-before signature guitar set to be announced in the near future, Dean Guitars are celebrating the partnership by releasing a limited run of 50 handcrafted models signed by the Slayer axe man. Slayer may be done, but Kerry King will live on – forever. 

Head to Dean Guitars’ website to find out more.

Meet the Flash Synth, a DIN jack-sized 16-voice synthesiser

The Flash Synth is the brainchild of Tim Alex Jacobs, who you might remember as the inventor of the Stylophone Business Card a few years back as well as the  Bluetooth hip flask (???) and an Etch-a-Sketch USB mousepad (???!?!?!). It’s pretty hard to believe that there’s so much tech squeezed into something which is literally a piece of metal with a MIDI input and 1/4 inch jack built into it, but as we all know, modernity can be quite exciting at times. 

Check out all the specs below, taken courtesy of the Mixtela website. 
Fully polyphonic, meaning 16 voices for the standard patches. More complex patches could also be added at a reduced polyphony, but the main algorithms are aiming for 16.
Full support for pitch bend. This means respecting the full 14-bit value (something most keyboards don’t even send) and also working with the RPN pitchbend range adjustment messages. The synth is designed to work perfectly with the Tonal Plexus – Aaron’s microtonal MIDI keyboard, which sends a pitchbend range of 1 semitone, to get the most accurate detuning of notes.
Powered by MIDI. Pulling its power parasitically from the plug. This is the real stickler.
High quality sound output. This means stereo and full audio bandwidth: I aimed for the standard samplerate of 44.1kHz.
Produces as many “bleeps and bloops” as possible. Some people criticised my original Smallest MIDI Synth for only producing a square wave with no envelopes or filters. This synth needs to produce a repertoire of sounds big enough to silence such comments.

The Flash Synth was supposedly built as a commision for Aaron Andrew Hunt, however, the unit iis still receiving a wider release in December and is available to preorder from the Mixtela website now.
Read more about the creation of this insane device here.

Iron Maiden announce 2020 Australian tour

The video, which you can watch below, follows Iron Maiden’s stage crew around backstage as they make an array of Australian and New Zealand themed jokes, complete with boomerangs, kiwis, ‘Waltzing Matilda’, and even budgie smuggler references. The video concludes with a still confirming that the band will be visiting Down Under on the Legacy Of The Beast tour next year, with full details to be announced on Thursday November 7. 

Obviously, this is fucking huge. Iron Maiden last visited Australia in 2016, and despite theit veteran status, show no signs of slowing down on the touring front any time soon. These shows will be absolutely insane – make sure you stay tuned to Mixdown for more news when the tour dates drop next week. 
Visit Iron Maiden’s website and sign up for touring updates here.

Mooer reveal the new look Hornet modelling amp

If you’ve ever played one of Mooer’s original Hornet amps before, then you’ll be aware of just how powerful they are. With a little 6.5 inch speaker and a classy vintage aesthetic, the mini modelling amplifier oozes out cool like it’s going out of style, particularly with the swish new white covering. The front panel packs a conventional layout with controls for Volume, Drive and Treble, Bass and Mids, while a button lets you flick between Live and Preset modes for even further versatility. 

On the inside, there’s a range of amp models to choose from, including acoustic amp and bass amp settings, as well as a bunch of modulation, delay, drive and reverb effects which can be controlled via tap tempo. You can also store up to nine presets, which is incredibly useful when practicing different styles. Other nifty features include an inbuilt tuner, a headphone jack, AUX in and Bluetooth functionality to hook up your smartphone for integrated jam sessions. 
Mooer products are distributed in Australia through Jade Music.